Canady Mfg. Company was founded in 1941 by Guy Canady in a two-car garage in the city of Lynwood, California. In 1951, the company was incorporated and moved to a larger facility in Huntington Park and in 1963, relocated to its current location in sunny San Fernando, CA. Canady Mfg. was a major supplier of machined parts through WWII, The Korean War, and The Vietnam War and over the last 75 years has expanded three times to its present 6,500 square foot facility.  Helen Koehn and Barbara Hull, both of whom are daughters of Guy Canady, were the 2nd generation co-owners of Canady Mfg until 2005, at which point they turned the ownership of the company over to their sons, Brian Koehn and Rod Hull.  Rod and Brian, who both started out as minimum wage machinist employees with the company in 1977, are the 3rd generation co-owners of Canady Mfg, and have almost 80 years of machining experience between them.  Canady Mfg. prides itself on having grown from its early beginnings as a 4-man "manual" machine shop, to its current AS9100 approved, 17 employee fully automated CNC machine shop. 

Our History

Complete Family owned Machining Facility since 1941